Year Ahead Reading

12 Month 24 Question Year Ahead Reading


Receive guidance for the months ahead in regards to your Love life, Health, Career, Energy, & Purpose!

Learn how the effects of 8/8 Lionsgate Portal, May and November Pleiadian Lineup will assist, the 11/11 Portal frequencies, and whatever messages your guides wish to bring through!

Please email full name, D.O.B, any main areas you wish to learn about, and your questions!

I will record and send an invoice for your reading!

Email today!

1 to 2 month wait!

Popular Offerings

Take the opportunity for your alignment and healing! 

The Pleiadian Emissaries of Light are excited to connect with and assist you into your expansion and growth.

Channeled Automatic Writing Readings are available for you to connect, ask your questions, and receive direct guidance from the Emissaries of light.

For those simply open to receive messages, you will be given guidance specific to your current energies, as well as receive messages that will align with your highest good! Often times those open to receive will hear messages in connection to their past lives as well.

Whether you have questions you need assistance with, or you are just open to hear the messages destined for you, these readings deliver beautiful energy and guidance to all!

60 mins $155

Hypnotic channeled energy sound session..

These healing sessions will assist you in connecting with unconditional love, healing past traumas, cellular memories, imprints, and rising into your divine light.

Release anxiety, depression, stress, and physical discomforts. Allow the energy to move you forward with grace and ease!

Channeling energies of the New Paradigm, Munay Ki, Reiki, and Light of Alcyone, while connecting with the Pleiadian Collective Consciousness, Emissaries of light, and Creator energies, we will work to cleanse, balance, and align your 4 body system, and energy centers.

It is the perfect time to step into alignment with yourself, release the past, and kick start your manifesting powers. 

60 mins $188

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