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Divine Essentials Specials

September 6, 2017

Welcoming all into my new Beautiful Home! So much gratitude and light for my new life, I Have decided to share some Specials with all of you!


For the month of September Divine Essentials is offering specials on Readings, Channeling, Healings, Activations, Classes, Workshops, Sessions and more... Check it out!

Readings available
~ Oracle Card Readings ~ various decks ~ Using various decks, cards, and spreads, I intuitively read the messages being shown for you at this time. You may ask specific questions or simply be open to receiving the highest and best for you :)

~ Automatic Writing ~ ask your questions or simply be open to recieve guidance for your highest and best at this time, in the form of automatic writing :) Automatic Writing can be in person or sent to you with a follow up phone consult to expand upon your written reading. You will receive your reading to go over in the future as well

~ Channeling ~ in person only, Ask your questions or receive messages specific to you from Pleiadian Emissaries of Light, Galactic Masters, and whomever else may come in to deliver you messages. This can be done during a hands on energy session as well, tuning into your energy and consciousness.

20 min $22 
30 min $33
40 min $44
50 min $55
60 min $77

Guided Hands on Activations/Healings/Meditations

Each session can be aimed to specifically assist you in all areas of life. Depending on the length of the session much can be released, balanced, and healed.

Some of my offerings include:
Twin Flame Reunion (soul cry)
As Above So Below Balancing
Manifesting Abundance Activation
Healing the Inner Child
Healing Past Trauma
Opening up to energy & spirit
Past Life Regression Meditation
Discover Totem Spirit Animal
Energetic Cord Cutting & Aura Cleanse
Full Moon Manifesting Ritual
Discover Soul Mission
Awakening Atlantean Memories
Journey to Atlantis
Sacred Alignment Soul Cleanse
Earth & Stars Collide Expansion & Healing
Invoking the High Priestess Fire Activation

Galactic Activations
Ancient Lyran Light Code activation
Pleiadian star Rite of Initiation
12D Blue Sphere Avian Activation
Egyptian Galactic Connection
Galactic Owl Wisdom and Insight Initiation
777 High Priestess Connection
Returnn to cenntral Sun
7 Sister 7 Chakra Activation
Sirian Dolphin & Whale Attunement
lyran Triple Infinity & Abundance Rite
Arcturian Chamber of Light
Andromedan Deep Healing Activation
Andromedan Light Attunement
Sirian geometric Activation
Galactic Masters Healing
Pleiadian emissaries of Light Channeling/Healing
Divine blueprint Activation

These Activations usually take 60 to 70 minutes. $65

sessions can also be focused on any intention you desire. ranging from physical ailments, emotional needs, or spiritual guidance.

I am a Reiki Master Teacher, New Paradigm Master Teacher, Munay-ki Mentor, Spirit Communicator, Galactic Ambassador, Advanced Aromatherapist, combining techniques, intuition, clear knowing, and aromatherapy to assist you in shifting, healing, and an overall better well being.

20 min $22
30 min $33
40 min $44
50 min $55
60 min $77 (includes any activation/healing)

~New Paradigm Basic Master Class
two 8 hour days of activations and stepping into your mastery!

~New Paradigm Master Teacher Class
three 8 hour days of activations, mastery, and becoming a teacher to share this modality with others!
For more info follow this link http://www.pleiadianessentials.com/new-paradigm-mdt

~Munay Ki Rites
9 energetic rites brought to us from Peru. A shamanic tradition in which opens a new perspective. connect deeply with the earth as you become an earth keeper. Connect with your ancestors and heal alongside archetypes.

Each Rite can be given at seperate sessions $30
or the Intensive Workshop usually 8 to 16 hours depending on how many attend $300

If you are interested in more information or you would like to book a session you can message me here or Email me @
Bridget Rau
508 858 9702

I also offer Spiritual Promotion and Marketing for those in the community. Are you an empath looking to share your gifts with the world?

I spent years studying how to create websites, market through Facebook, use Search Engine Optimization to reach people, and have now spent years using all of these tools to share my gifts, as well as assisting many others, building their websites as well as showing them tricks to utilizing promotion on Facebook.

websites generally start at $500 depending on how elaborate the site becomes, and less for really simple sites. This includes SEO, search engine optimization. so peeps find you!

I also help others create and maintain Facebook Pages :)

~to create a Facebook page $99

to continue posting and sharing to groups, as well as tracking analytics, scheduling posts, writing blurbs, targeting, #tags keywords, etc..
35 posts a week, 5 posts a day $200
21 posts a week, 3 posts a day $150
14 posts a week, 2 posts a day $100
7 posts a week, 1 post a day $50

I can also sit with you one on one and teach you to make a page, run a page, or build a site. 
$30 an hour.


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