(8 to 10 week waiting list)
Are you a Starseed? 
Have you ever wondered what your origin is?

What your purpose is?

What other lives you have lived and where?
Find out more about your soul origns, purpose, and past lives within the stars and on the Earth.

 How it ties into your current life here and learn more about who you were and truly are!.
Ask about other lives on the Earth for even more clarity and understanding as to who you really are and what your purpose here is now!
You may choose to ask up to 5 specific questions about your star origins, soul purpose, and past lives or simply be open to receive the information most needed at this time!
This reading is 20 to 30 mins long depending on what comes through and may even run over if necessary to deliver all that is needed to be known!
Please include some brief details and questions or simply state open to receive in the notes section!
Let's find out who you truly are!

Star Origins Reading

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