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Wait time is up to 8 weeks.

 The private video will be delivered to the email address specified when placing the order ♡

Want to know about the Karmic Connection? A person, addiction, or contracted belief system?

Why is it happening? 

Is it from a past life? 

If so where and what happened? 

How does your person feel about the situation/person?

What can you do to heal the connection?

Using a mixture of Oracle and Tarot Cards I will ask those burning questions and tap into your situation. 

You can ask up to 5 questions about your connection or simply be open to receive the messages meant for you to know at this time!

Don't forget to get your own set of channeled cards! 

Ask and receive any time you need! https://www.pleiadianessentials.com/oracle-decks

Can't wait? 

Head over and order an Express Emergency Reading. In the appropriate sections simply ask your questions or state open to receive karmic messages only ♡

Karmic Reading (20 minute)