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( 6 to 7 week wait from date of purchase) 

Trance channeling allows for a deeper connection to be made with the I am presence of your counterpart.
Tapping in to the Masculines or Feminines Higher Self to assist you in understanding their emotions, desires, feelings, thoughts, blockages, and answers to the burning questions you have.
I use a mix of trance and tarot to assist in delivering the words they would speak to you directly if they could.
Readings are available in a video format. I will record your reading and send you a private link to watch as many times as you wish.
Ask your deepest questions and hear directly from your counterpart
Understand your blockages, purpose, and lessons on a deeper level.
Heal and shift your current reality.
Learn about your origin and past lives.
30 minutes typically allow for 5 to 7 questions to be touched on depending upon the length of the answers and guidance delivered.
	Please make a note to indicate any specific area of concerns you have, if you choose to be open to receive messages rather than asking specific questions, this will ensure we assist in your understanding and evolution within those areas.
	Otherwise you may simply state the questions you have or write "open to receive".
	Feel free to add any brief relevant details you feel pulled to share as well d.o.b, names, in sepertion, karmic partners, etc, (not required).

Divine Counterparts Trance (30 min)