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Manifesting Magic Aromatherapy and Intention Candles ♡
Some candles need to be made and then shipped so please note some orders may take longer than others. Feel free to email me for specific details ♡
**If you order through this listing link it will be the metal tin, please make a note at checkout of which blend & Intention you want to receive as well as your correct address ♡
$8 shipping is included into the price and is only available to US customers ♡

(International clients email me to get details divinessential@gmail.com)
***More size options below!!!
As an Advanced Aromatherapist and channel for the divine, I have created several essential oil blends, and combine my intentions to make powerful tools which aid in your manifesting and healing needs...
Many others, as well as myself, have had great results with these candles!
(Scroll all the way down for the full price list and all the size options!)
Blends and Intentions....
♡ Twin Flame (best seller)
Attract your true love into or back into your life ♡ release resistance and fill up with love to help you bring true love in...
♡ Abundance (best seller)
Attract and manifest money, Communication, abundance, and prosperity!
♡ Sex Magic
Tap into the potent power of an orgasm and use the power of attraction and seduction to manifest your desires..
♡ Divine Masculine
Helps in raising the vibe of your divine masculine energy within self or within your counterpart. Helps in getting things done.. go after and attain goals while feeling confident and strong.
♡ It's Raining Men
Mixes the blends of Divine Masculine and Abundance together.. giving a boost to the manifesting of true divine divine masculine qualities and attraction of those who emit it. In other words it will be raining men into your life ♡
♡ Pleiadian Passion (starseed fave)
Connect with and bring down the love of above star beings to feel the support and guidance available from the emissaries of light ♡ raises the vibration and frequency allowing to easily connect with the divine.
♡ Clearing & Cleansing
Nag champa is a beautiful and cleansing tool for anyone who feels ill intentions of others, suffers to maintain boundaries, and needs some extra protection in one area or another of life.
Orders & Options!!
I have several sizes and options to create with & use when making you a candle specific to your needs!
Please email divinessential@gmail.com if you want the larger size and I will send an invoice through PayPal.

*Metal tin 4oz to 5oz (this listing)

*Glass Jars 4oz to 5oz $20 + shipping

*Glass jars 6oz $27 + shipping

*Glass jars 8oz $33 + shipping

*Glass jars 16oz $44 + shipping
Shipping is $8 in the US only!

 International shipping $$ depends on where and what you order! Email divinessential@gmail.com to find out more about this!

Divine Candles

4oz tin