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6 to 7 week wait from date of purchase

Are you struggling energetically? On your Twin Flame, or Soul Mate Journey? 
Perhaps feeling overwhelmed on your awakening path, or simply in need of some balance?
I have been guided to offer you the opportunity to help in your navigation through energetic blockages, imbalances, and core beliefs that are likely causing havoc in your day to day life..
Over the past several years I have received numerous downloads,  while learning, practicing, guiding and teaching many modalities.
I Have Been Certified as a Reiki Master/Teacher, New Paradigm Master/Teacher, Munay-Ki Mentor, Advanced Aromatherapist, Angel/Oracle Card Reader, and have been channeling through Trance, Automatic Writing, and hypnotic energy sessions over the pat decade.
I have strengthened my connection with the Emissaries of light, Ascended Masters, and guides which assist me in channeling you, a one of a kind healing journey activation.
These sessions are channeled and recorded specifically for you by request. Working to uncover what is needed most for your progress in reaching a state of union and balance within. 
If you would like to telll me what your desired goals are, what has been impacting you in negative ways, and any concerns you may have at this time, I will ensure to implement tools to release these issues through your session..
Or if you are simply open to receiving the energy and guidance the Emissaries channel through me for you, I find they always seem to assist in the most beneficial ways.
I will set up your date for me to sit and connect to your energy, and record a 40 to 50 min long video in which we clear you on all levels, diving deep into your specific energetic needs.
Once recorded I will send you a private video of the clearance/activation and you may listen as many times as you feel necessary. These sessions are designed to be of benefit and utilized on more than one occassion.
I find the energy begins to impact the receiver as soon as I sit to connect, and continues to clear and balance you for as long as it is needed..
I have received feedback from those on the Twin Flame journey reporting:
		Increased communication..
		Shifts in the level of comfort for both counterparts..
		Sparking more compassion, and time spent together..
		Peace and acceptance for those dealing with a Twin who may still be working through Karmic situations.

Take your power back and begin your journey to union free from the imbalances and blockages that cause severe anxiety, depression, sadness, and inability to connect with others on romantic and friendship levels.
For those who would like to break away from toxic Karmic situations these clearances allow you to do so more effectively!
I have received 100's of downloads and activation's over the years for Starseeds, Twin Flames, Lightworkers, and Empath's 
as well as those simply drawn to the empowering energy of the Star Beings and guides..
If your struggling with any of the following..
Self Worth
Self Love
Inner Child
Shadow Work
Limiting Beliefs
Physical Pain
Emotional Trauma
Spiritual Awakening
Psychic Vampires
Narcissistic Relationships
Ungrounded Energy
Past Life Karma
Karmic Cycles
Lack of Abundance
Low Self Esteem
We can work together in healing and shifting your energy!
I work with The Pleidian Emissaries of Light to bring forth Sirian Dolphin & Whale Consciousness, Arcturian Cellular Healing, 12D Blue Avian Advanced Awareness, Manifesting Wisdom from the Lyran Collective, Soft Andromedan Energy, and use modalities closely connecting to and working with Ascended Masters, Archangels, and Shamanic Practices which bring forth archetypes, ancestors, pachamama, and the Great Spirit Healing Frequencies.
Please include and questions or details you feel necessary or guided to share with me, or simply state open to reeive.
Your session will be sent to the email address you book with.

( 6 to 7 week wait from date of purchase)
40 minutes should allow for up to 7 areas or concerns/questions to be acknowledged depending upon their impact. It is likely some areas may need for you to continue the work either through repetitive listening of this session, or perhaps a follow up session. I will include a brief run down of anything that came up in the session and let you know if anything seems to need more attention and also what you can do to shift these things on your own.

Distance Healing Session (40 min)