8 to 10 week wait from date of purchase ♡ 

Decoding energy and frequency to deliver channeled messages from the Emissaries of Light.. 

Ask the emissaries specific questions and receive guidance for a particular situation or area in your life. 

Or simply choose to be open and receptive to the messages needed for you most at this time. 

Many times starseeds find out about their star origins, past lives, missions, energy, current themes, patterns, and relationships etc.

 Typically those who find their way to me are indeed starseeds, or those in need of confirmation and guidance from the Galactic Masters.​

Messages are hand written, channelled with pen and paper, for it flows much easier in that form.

 Photos of the written channelled messages will be sent to your email address.​

30 minutes typically allow for 5 to 7 questions to be touched on depending upon the length of the answers and guidance delivered. 

	Please make a note to indicate any specific area of concerns you have, if you do choose to be open to receive messages, and not ask specific questions.

This way we may be sure to assist in your understanding and your evolution within those areas.

	Otherwise you may simply state the questions you have or just write "open to receive" if there is not a specific area your interested in learning about.

Feel free to add any brief relevant details you feel pulled to share as well (not required).

Automatic Writing (30 min)

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