Free Live Readings!

Join Bridget Rau of Divine Essentials  for a Live Energy Reading Event ! Ask your questions and receive messages through Oracle cards, intuitive guidance, and the Emissaries of light! We will be going Live on the Divine Essentials Page to answer as many questions, and deliver as many messages as possible ♡ Please  Like and follow the page  to receive notifications of all live offerings, meditations, and future events! Find more of Bridgets readings and meditations on the YouTube channel  Bridget Rau, and check out even more at Are you feeling the rise of the Divine Feminine?? Join the new Divine Feminine Goddess Support & Gatherings Group on Facebook to assist in raising the Divine Feminine energy, and unlock your souls abundance and expansion ♡ As we enter April the energies and waves of frequency will increase, it is important to surrender all that is holding you back. Trust your inner knowing, ask for assistance, allow for transformation, and heal on all levels ♡♡♡ I've been feeling the shifts! Lots of insecurities are coming up, with fear, grief, and a whole bunch of endings, and new beginnings!

You have to pay attention for the blessings in the lessons and release what no longer resonates!

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