Give the Gift of Healing

Divine Essentials offers Gift Certificates for all services, classes, workshops, and Events!

Give the gift of healing this holiday season, a Gift Certificate allows those to book and customize a session, receive a channeled reading, and connect with the aspects of self that need healing.

Working in various areas of Spiritual Development and expansion! Healing the inner child, working with the shadow self, Galactic Light Activations connecting with Emissaries of Light, Pleiadian, Lyran, Sirian, Andromedan, Avian, Arcturian, consciousness. Chakra Balancing, Aura Cleansing, Brain Balancing, Aromatherapy Consultations, Hands on guided journeys, automatic writing, past life therapy, star seed activations, and so much more!

Hands on sessions can be directed towards various activations, and attunements. Incorporating Munay Ki, New Paradigm, Reiki, Angel Communication, Aromatherapy, and of course channelling Galactic Masters and Emissaries of Light.

~☆ Some of my offerings ☆~ Twin Flame soul cry Sirian dolphin geometric activation Manifest Abundance Attunement Pleiadian journey to Alcyone Healing the inner child Lyran triple infinity rite Arcturian light chamber Andromedan Light Attunement Starseed origins *remembering home Past life regression 7 sister 7 chakra (koto Kuna karpay rite) Cellular healing activation DNA upgrades and light code activation Avian 12D wisdom connection (new perspective) Discover your Spirit Animal Totem connection Healing Atlantean Memories Chakra balance alignment Healing Ancestral Beliefs Power of Attraction Alignment Cord cutting and aura cleansing Angel Healing Sessions Awakening your ancient eyes Crown expansion and full body alignment 12 chakra balance stepping into new paradigm Implant removal Clearing old symbols and beliefs Connecting with the I Am presence Meet your Spirit guides/galactic families Earth and Star expansion balance Connecting with heart of Gaia High Priestess Fire Activation The Galactic Pyramid Connection Merkaba Vehicle of light journey *Download new frequency and light throughout the Galaxy journeying into stars and consciousness* Journey to Sirius Journey to Lyra Journey to Pleiades Journey to Andromeda Blue Sphere Avian Journey Arcturian Journey

Or direct your sessions at any physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual intention you wish!

Readings can incorporate Oracle cards, channeled automatic writing, guidance through clear knowing, and trance channeling Q&A.

Contact me to Book a Session or order a Virtual Gift Certificate via email!

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